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Heeey guys.

So JPAC is opening audition for their (our! :")) West Side Story audition.

Anyone interested should check the audition material and details in:


They will be held this weekend so yeah, we'll see you there!

Jakarta Performing Arts Community is making a Kickstarter to bring West Side Story to Jakarta! Like legitly, buying the performance rights and all!

Want to help them?

We can do this together!

#SuikodenOnSteam hype!

It has been years since I used this site.

I used to use it solely for reading newest Hetalia scanlations.

But no more! I'm here for the sake of the #SuikodenOnSteam campaign.

The Suikoden fanbase has been very dedicated to promote and preserve the series they love. Konami, please help us! Maybe this post will get lost in time and I'll definitely forget about it, but if this helps its visibility in search engines or whatever, even by the tiniest bit, it would be worth it.

P.S. LJ has changed so much lol.

#SuikodenOnSteam #Suikoden #Steam #Konami

Hetalia Day 2011?

Minna-san, berhubung Hetalia Day tinggal kurang dari sebulan lagi, apa sudah ada info untuk acaranya? Takutnya sayanya yg kurang info...

Sporcle Quizzes Index

Yeah, I'll try to make an index to make it easy to find Sporcle quizzes I made (not that like anyone ever would visit my journal, lulzy)
Let's make 2010 a great year for Hetalia fandom too!
These are Mixed Bag questions...Well, it's easier to play it yourself, innit?
I updated 'All the characters of Hetalia' quiz too, with a couple of characters I forgot, and fixed a few things. Please check it too if you haven't.

Previous quizzes:
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Hetalia Gath '09: A Review

Date: 21st of December
Place: Grand Indonesia (I'm very sorry, but this is the best place we could gather, We'll search for something cheaper to eat), West Mall, LG near burger king.
Time: 13.00 (or 14.00, since some of us might be late)

I arrived there around 13.30, there were a lot of people already, about 15~ Yay, finally there are other guys beside me! Cosplayers there are Iggy, fem!Japan, Belarus, cowboy!China and Hungary

We had lunch at Burger King (which, ironically, ran out of burgers xP) at 14.10. Then, we went into karaoke and had a lot of fun! We sang Chibitalia's Marukaite Chikyuu, magnet, Cantarella, Buono Tomato, etc. together.

Then, we went to buy some ice cream. And that's the end of the day.
Well, it sounds boring because I'm not a good writer, but it's actually a lot more fun than that xD

Pairings are prominently IggyxJapan, IggyxBela, and ChinaxEveryone xD